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Today, Steve Anderson sits down with Mike Horsfield, PT, OCS, ATC, MBA. Mike is the CEO of Rock Valley Physical Therapy and is an active member of the Private Practice and Orthopedic sections of the American Physical Therapy Association. He earned his BA at Wartburg College and his Master's in Physical Therapy from the University of Iowa. Mike also works as an adjunct instructor in the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at St. Ambrose and the University of Iowa.

In today’s session, Mike discusses the following with Steve:

  • Sometimes, the opportunities are in doing the things least desirable.
  • How you can have informal mentorship by surrounding yourself with the right individuals
  • Look for organizations that will let you fertilize your own grass instead of looking over the fence to see if the grass is greener on the other side.
  • The permission to fail will allow you to learn.
  • You don’t have to be all things to all people, so don’t spend your time protecting your turf from other PT businesses.
  • Good people find good people
  • Build bench strength so you have a leadership team ready to step up when you’re ready to retire so your legacy can continue.
  • Ask the questions, “What are you most excited about and what keeps you up at night?” to help with peer-to-peer feedback. This type of feedback can help cut back on the “it’s lonely at the top,” mentality.
  • Mike’s Pearl of Wisdom is: there are a lot of ways to lead, but choose the one that’s most authentic to you.



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