Why the name Orange Dot Coaching?

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Orange Dot is a system I used to identify wine that was special and high quality. When my children became adults and entered the social world of enjoying wine with friends and family, I wanted to be sure they didn’t mistake an everyday bottle of wine with a special one. So in our household special wines have a sticky orange dot on the bottle. Now everyone is totally aware which wines are for special occasions! My goal is to help leaders become “Orange Dot” leaders.

As with good wines, time and experience is important to produce a quality product. My vision is to use my experience as a seasoned CEO and lifelong leader to grow other leaders that can experience the benefits of Orange dot leadership and how cultures respond to it.

I will take only a few clients at a time to ensure they have my full attention and to ensure that I personally do not get over committed. The fees for my services are with this philosophy in mind. Every client is unique and every program will be customized and dynamic with the environment the executive is working in. Orange dot relationships are special.

Stephen Anderson, PT, DPT


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