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  • Podcast with Stacy Menz

        Today, Steve Anderson, PT, DPT, sits down with Stacy Menz, PT, DPT, PCS. Stacy is the founder of Starfish Therapies in San Francisco. She received her masters from Boston University in 2000, and her doctorate in physical therapy from there in 2005. She has served as a teaching assistant for the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program...

  • Profiles in Leadership Interview with Brett Roberts


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    Interview with Bill Pfister    

  • Interview with Rich Katz

    On this Podcast, Rich Katz shares how working together in networks benefits many providers and provides resources individual PT practices don't have access to.  Rich is a healthcare guru who for over 25 years has been helping physical therapists learn about contracting and how to deal with third party payers.      

  •  Jim Hoyme is a positive force in the physical therapy profession.  His company provides resources for private practice PT owners through a single tax ID number network.  This is an example of collaboration that makes a lot of sense and an example for all of us to learn how together we could be so much better!        

  • Interview with Sandy Norby

     Sandy Norby is a true inspiration.  Hear about her journey from small town Iowa to a national leader in the physical therapy profession.  She shows how to build a great business with vision and passion and always remembering that the patients she and her colleagues provide care to are the most important part of the formula!  

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