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Leadership Coaching & Development

No employee is the same, just as no organization is the same. What does this mean? It means no leader is the same, either. Partnering with Orange Dot Coaching and Steve Anderson ensures that your employees and leaders within your organization are receiving the proper coaching and development they need for long-term success. Steve will listen to each person and work with them on a one-on-one basis as well as their team and will offer strategies to meet their strengths.

The services offered by Orange Dot Coaching include:

  • Leadership coaching
  • Working with executives and their teams to work together supporting each other knowing a well functioning team is the key to great ideas and success in business.
  • Facilitation of leadership retreats and planning sessions
  • Steve is a Licensed Practitioner for Insights Discovery which is the tool he often uses while working with teams on effective communication
  • Facilitating leadership development programs and projects
  • Advisement on specific leadership and management strategies
  • Real-time availability to develop collaborative solutions

The Benefits of Working with Steve Anderson

Steve Anderson brings 19 years of experience as a CEO to his training. He specializes in developing leaders that will help foster workplace development and encourage collaboration among executives, members of management and employees.

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