Profiles in Leadership Interview with Lynn Steffes

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Profiles in Leadership Interview with Lynn Steffes

Profiles in Leadership Interview with Lynn Steffes

In this installment of VGM Advantage’s Profiles in Leadership podcast, Steve Anderson, PT, DPT, talked with Lynn Steffes, PT, DPT. Steffes is president and consultant at Steffes & Associates Consulting Group, a rehabilitation consulting service. She is a 1981 graduate of Northwestern University, and earned her transitional DPT in 2010. She served as a network administrator for a group of 50-plus private practice clinics. She is on the nominating committee for the PPS of APTA, and the Wisconsin chapter of APTA, serving as the reimbursement specialist.

When it comes to cultivating your staff, Steffes has a few pointers:

  • Recognize that your first customers are your employees.
  • Use the Continuous Authentic Feedback system to recognize the excellent work of your employees.
  • Catch people in the moment when they are going the extra mile and acknowledge it.
  • Engaging your employees in strategy not only increases your team’s excitement for the workplace, it also energizes the leaders.
  • Steffes’ Pearl of Wisdom is, “Your value is multiplied every time you grow someone.”

She also spoke about how physical therapy is gaining momentum as a discipline, but that there are more opportunities for it to become a larger part of the healthcare system.



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